When I was initially going to do this trip solo I wasn’t really planning on having any tech. Maybe a small netbook to write a blog and keep in touch with people and a small camera to take photos to show my family and friends. I was going to use maps not GPS.

Things have changed somewhat…

Ed said he wanted us to film the trip, an idea I wasn’t immediately keen on. I was worried it would encroach on the trip and become a chore however after chatting to various people who had done it I came round to the idea and now actually embrace it. I see it as a chance for me to be creative on the road and it makes me look at things in a different way. I’ve always wanted to get in to photography but never had the time or patience, now I have lots of the former and a bit more of the latter I decided to invest in a good camera. After much deliberation and months of research I decided to go for the Canon 70D. I’d never had a decent camera before and was frightened to handle it or take it out of the box for over 2 months in case I damaged it, what an idiot! I’m now using it and learning what all the buttons and functions do, I’ve still got a lot to learn but I’m enjoying the process and don’t regret buying it it’s a great camera and hopefully I’ll eventually get some equally great shots!

We will be using Ed’s phone for GPS and navigation but I still want to take some maps, there’s something I love about using a map so hopefully we can combine the two. I think they both have their place and uses. I still don’t own a smartphone and don’t really have any desire to, but Ed’s working on that!

We also have a quadcopter! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get in quite as much flying time as we would have liked so we’ll be learning on the road (best take a big stock of props!)


2 thoughts on “Tech

  1. Taking the time out to get some good shots or video I can understand – but I must admit I don’t think I’d bother with the weight and fuss of a drone for the extra footage.

    I’m happy to watch yours though 🙂

    • We actually never got round to using the quadcopter, as the batteries wouldn’t have worked in winter and we could never be bothered in the states! So we sent it home. People are getting some fanatastic shots with them though, however I’m far too lazy to use one! Haha

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