The Bike and Luggage

My choice of steed is a 1985 Honda C90 and I love it! Now I’ll be honest I’ve put a Lifan 120cc engine in it so I’ve got an extra bit of poke, an extra whopping 2bhp to be precise! Watch me go!!! Considering the amount of miles we’re going to be doing having the extra power, albeit a small amount, makes all the difference and I can cruise comfortably at 55-60mph fully loaded if there isn’t a head wind or a hill!

As for luggage I bought some 52 litre Ortlieb panniers off ebay for £40, they were cheap as they had some scratches and a small hole in them which I fixed. I think these panniers are awesome! Fit loads of gear in and they’re completely waterproof. Well they were completely waterproof until the pillion footpegs wore two big holes in the bottom of them as I rode. I’ve now removed the offending footpegs and patched up the holes the best I could. Due to this I’ve got a few exped dry bags which I put my stuff in before putting them in to the panniers, just in case!

Then there’s my basket. Now every other c90 rider seems to choose a supermarket shopping basket however I always had my heart set on a picnic basket. I don’t know why, I think it’s probably to do with my love of afternoon tea, cream teas and tea and cake. I am female and British after all. Ed did question my choice of basket. He pointed out that his basket can carry useful things like a jerry can, he then asked what useful things my basket would be able to carry to which I replied “tea and cake”. Well I think they’re useful.

2 thoughts on “The Bike and Luggage

  1. It was fun meeting you and Ed at Port Orford by Battle Rock–I am the news guy that chaTTED WITH BOTH OF YOU–PORT ORFORD NEWS—–hope you tow are safe where ever you are now—-Sincerely Brice Wagner

  2. Russell Sauve

    Hi, where did you buy your c90? Are there any good internet retailers? What do you think about the SYM symba 100 that is a recreation of the honda super cub.

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