Sponsors, support and partners


I worked 7 days a week for two and a half years to be able to afford my trip and all my gear, however as the trip progressed I gained help and support from various people and companies.




I have been the proud owner of a Rukka suit for over 3 years, and in 2015 Rukka approached me to be one of their test riders, an offer that I couldn’t refuse! I’ve been very kindly kitted out with the latest top-spec women’s Suki suit, and will be putting it through its paces as I continue South to Argentina. Check out my ‘Gear and Reviews’ page soon for further details and an in-depth review.



Moto-Freight Ltd contacted myself and Ed before we embarked on the trip, offering their services at an unbeatable price. It couldn’t have been easier shipping our bikes from England to Alaska with Moto-Freight, and I won’t hesitate in contacting them again when it comes to shipping my bike again. Competitive prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff, simple, efficient and hassle free; what more could you ask for?! Be sure to give Roddy and Kathy a call for a quote if you’re looking at shipping your bike to anywhere in the world. They’re bikers themselves and a wealth of information when it comes to shipping.





Givi Canada kindly sponsored me a fantastic new larger topbox, which meant I could move all the weight forward on my bike, resulting in a much more enjoyable experience on and off the road. I can’t recommend their gear enough; it’s tough, durable, and has survived more than its fair share of crashes on the back of my bike. A testament to its build and quality!



14 thoughts on “Sponsors, support and partners

  1. Jacky Sloane

    Hi Ed and Rachel,

    You kindly sent through some photos to my colleague mark Davenport for the Honda clips we’re making in the UK. Sadly we didn’t get a release form from you for using them so they couldn’t go in. HOWEVER, we’re really hoping to add you guys to the mix as possible contributors for the next film clip. Are you able to quickly fill out the questionnaire sent to you from Mark by email (email me at jackyhoudret@hotmail.com if you need it sent again) and return it to me asap? It’d be great if you could. Here’s the first film completed Honda clip FYI
    Thanks and I hope you’re having fun!

  2. How are you guys doing. Hope you are in the warm place. It has been between -40 and -35 for the last little while. Very hot today at -26. Hope you are having a great time and enjoy the ride. Oh, how I wish I was so young again so I could hit the road too. All the best .

    • Hi Denis, Great to hear from you! First things first, you’re never too old to hit the road, which means you’ll have to come on the next C90 tour that Ed does. There was a 74 yr old on the last one, so no excuses 😉 We’re in Vancouver at the moment, been staying in a house so we’ve probably got a bit soft as far as the cold goes haha We’d been riding in -19 and slept in -25, so had got used to the cold, but we’ve probably undone that now! haha Hope it’s not too chilly for you, I know a certain person that has a really nice coat that’d keep you warm… 😀 All the best and take care, Rach

  3. Randy McDonald

    Morning Rachel.
    Do you have a way we can contact you while you’re in Edmonton?
    We’d like to get an update from you on your trek.
    Regional Assignment Producer CBC
    780-468- 7420

    • Hi Randy, we’d be happy to chat and can voice or video on Skype any time today. Drop me an email and we can arrange. All the best, Rach

  4. Great blog, I’m going to read about your trip to Alaska. I did mine in 2012 in July, amazing trip. I have most of it on my blog.

  5. Brian Boyd

    i bit you’s farewell from in front of the Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Kindersley, SK Sunday night I believe. I got in touch with Shauna A the CBC (our version of BBC). From the CBC, if you head west on Collegeb(Ave/Street??) down there in Regina (if that is your interview location since that is where CBC”s complex is located) …yes, west to McIntyre and then north to the HI ( hosteling intentional) there you will find a warm bed and washing, cooking and other facilities. Cheers and don’t become strangers to Canada afterward eh. Your trip brings back a lot of crazy memories of traveling across and around Canada. It’s a big enough country to sustain the traveler’s wanderlust for at least a couple lifetimes of adventure. ps: watch out for the moose… They make nasty speed bumps.

  6. Brian Boyd

    i think I sent that incorrectly. Whoops! I met you’s in front of the Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Kindersley, SK ON Sunday night just as you were loading up to take off again. I contacted the CBC (our version of BBC) just after you two left. Shauna contacted me and I am going to listen your interview in exactly ten minutes. Do come back again plz. Canada is big enough to supply at least two lifetimes of traveller’s wanderlust. (And no more to gue to icy metal poles Ed. Rachel keep an eye on Ed will ya before he hurts himself seriously. I used to be your age also Ed so I know how crazy we can get eh. Cheers then. And don’t be strangers to Canada. Visit again as many times as you like. And you can tell any of our authorities that I said you could. (For real…just tell them you are visiting me in Kindersley)

  7. Trish & Ben

    hi Rachel and Ed,

    Will the two of you be travelling through Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? If so, when? If you need a place to stay for a night, let us know…we have some spare beds 🙂 Safe travels & enjoy the adventure!

  8. Douglas Burnett

    Hi Edd and Rachel hope the trip to wpg is going well was a pleasure to have you here at the farm . Look up brother Rob at ceder acres storage 204 451 – 1075 or call us at the farm 204-686-2211 . Hope you made out ok it was snowing crazy here last night and it just will not warm up !! Anyway lets keep in touch Doug Galina Earl Tommy Bounder Mag Pie and Molly .

  9. Josie creighton

    hey, eddie. how the long canadian roads treating you?
    guess what?…….I am planning my own motor bike adventure and would really love your intake in which bike to buy and where to buy it. when i saw your bike at fred meyer it looked perfect. do you happen to know some websites in usa or europe that sell good ones? any advice you may have would be very much appreciated, brother.
    hope you are keep pushing south. your adventure is an inspiration to all us crazy travelers.

    best of luck


  10. toze

    hi meet you guys at the international center these weekend if anything need let me know or a place to stay let me know.

  11. Colin.ab

    Hi Ed and Rachel,

    I’ve just sent you some money to help with the cost of your new tires

    I hope it helps to get you to where you want to be 🙂

    Based on your adventures, I’ve now got myself a C70, and plan to ride from the UK to Japan as I’m emigrating there next year… and to think I was going to buy a GS to ride there too! haha



  12. John G from Braunton

    I have just caught up with your travels in Newfoundland, Just love your trips and quirky humour, I have followed you all the way HAVE A GREAT TIME

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