The route

Alaska to Argentina; the indirect route!

Alaska, across the width of Canada in the winter, across the width of the USA, off-road on the Trans-America Trail, then South to… Watch this space!


33 thoughts on “The route

  1. Jim Griffiths

    Landing in Anchorage next year for 4/5 month trip, by bike through Alaska, Canada,America. Interested io your route and camping in Bear country!

    • Hey Jim! I’ll be sorting out a map of our route and tracker soon so you can see what route we take. I love Alaska it’s beautiful and there’s so much to see. We’ll be covering as much as we can on 2 wheels (some places you can only reach by plane!) Feel free to get in touch once we’ve travelled through and I’d be happy to give you info, tips and recommendations to get the most out of your trip, would be no problem at all 🙂

  2. Love to follow your travels. If you come through Fort Worth, Texas you have a place to stay. I live in my airplane hanger on Hicks Airport T67 carol and I have two hangers and some ‘camping space ‘ for you. Carol and I will give you an airplane tour of north Texas. Not as pretty as Alaska,, but , it is our home state. We are proud of it! 817-271-0594

    • Hi Jay! Thank you so much, that’s amazing! We’ve no idea where we’ll end up going so hopefully our paths will cross and we’ll get to meet you both. We will have a map/tracker soon so you can keep an eye on our progress and see if we’re getting close! Hopefully we do! Thanks again for the kind offer, all the best to you and Carol 😀

  3. Melissa Boulanger

    Hi Rachel! I initially stumbled across your epic trip through a post by The Shop, Vancouver on Tumblr. If you ever need a place to crash in Halifax, Nova Scotia then know that you’re welcome to come stay over at my place. I belong to the the Atlantic Vintage Motorcycle Club and I’m sure some of the other members would love to meet with you. Also, the president of the club, Bruce Goldsmith, is an extremely talented motorcycle mechanic who, I’m sure, would be more than happy to help with anything from a small tune up to any larger issues you may experience. Look forward to seeing and reading about more of your adventures. Cheers!

    • Hi Melissa! Great to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind offer, that’s awesome! We really hope to get to Nova Scotia, but it all depends how long it takes us to cross Canada. We have a bit of a timescale constraint, as we plan to get back to the west coast using the TAT, and need to be in Seattle at the end of June for the Touratech rally Ed is speaking at! Nearly 7 months seems like a long time to do all that but we don’t travel very fast and will probably lose days due to blizzards and brutal temperatures! But we will do our best, and will be sure to get in touch if we make it and come and stay (and hopefully celebrate crossing Canada! 😀 ) All the best, Rach

      • Brendan

        If your crossing Canada you are going to have to come to Newfoundland and Labrador, you would love it here.

        • Hi Brendan, we’d love to and if we have time we will 😀 All depends how long it takes us to cross Canada! Watch this space 😉

          • Brendan

            I have been following for awhile and am enjoying the trip with you and also having a few laughs. The miracle of the internet, I can take a trip without leaving home, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pete Johnson

    Good for you, go for it!!!
    Reading your exploits makes me want to ride.

    If you cross Canada on the Trans-Canada highway you can crash at our house and garage in Medicine Hat, AB. We can make room next to the GTS1000 and the ’76 Wing


    • Hi Pete! That’s great thank you, very kind and appreciated! We will be avoiding highway 1 as much as possible, but you never know we may well go through Medicine Hat so I will keep you posted if we do 😀 Thanks again, all the best.

  5. John Goodman

    Please show us your route

  6. Robert

    advrider has a tent space list you should try to use it I am on it but you are probably past pincher creek Alberta by now

    • Hi Robert! I forgot about that, someone mentioned about it a while back. I’ll have a look it could come in handy! I’ll be posting the trip in adv soon, once my blog is more up to date! We are in Canmore at the mo, will be heading east but not sure what route to take yet so you never know, we may pass through! Thank you and all the best, Rach

  7. Ferd & Aaryn

    When you come through Central Ontario, you have a warm comfortable place to stay in Huntsville. We would be happy to host you at our very quiet and restful place – absolute solitude. Usually nothing but the two of us and the wildlife.
    The only cost – a road story or two.
    Ferd & Aaryn

    • Hi Ferd & Aaryn, thank you so much for the offer that’s really kind of you! We’d love to take you up on it and would be more than happy to share some stories of our adventures. I’ll be sure to get in touch when we’re a bit nearer, we’re in Canmore at the moment and heading east in the next few days. Thank you again, all the best and see you soon! Rach 😀

  8. Kevin

    saw you guys at the Edmonton bike show great to see peaple living the two life if you ever come to Lloydminster the border city you will have a place to stay and get fed

  9. So many roads, so little time.
    Your adventure was just brought to my attention.
    I was just looking at the ground you have covered so far. I have toured some of Alaska and BC, albeit in a different season and on a slightly different steed. I’m sure you are seeing some amazing scenery. Canada and the US has so many incredible roads.
    I see your plans are to cross Canada before heading south. There are so many legendary roads I could recommend heading southwest from eastern Canada down across the US but I’m certain any route you take will be exceptional.
    I will be following your adventure and wish you the best of luck. Wave as you pass through London, Ontario.
    Cheers from MotoCanuck
    “A twist of the wrist brings miles of smiles”

  10. Will

    Hi, i have seen your guys in Edmonton Motorcycle Show.
    This is great what you are doing.
    Now you are on CBC News.

  11. Hi guys, love both your blog and Ed’s videos. Your trip is one heck of an undertaking! If you’re passing through Orillia Ontario let us now, we’d love to offer you a warm bed, hot shower and maybe laugh to two. My wife and I ride and love following your stories, travel…and penis jokes….so it would be fun….that is al. Ride safe!

  12. RIck Germain

    If you guys make it anywhere near Rochester, NY in your travels we have a guest room, hot showers and a hearty meal waiting for you. Please, please hit me up on Facebook or by email and we’ll make it happen.


    • Hey Rick, thank you so much that’s really kind. I don’t know if we’ll be over that way but you never know! We never planned to cross Canada yet here we are on the north shore of lake superior! haha If we do come over your way though we’ll be sure to get in touch and come and see you 😀

  13. Dave

    I am president of Capital Chapter of the Knights of Infreno firefighter MC if your traveling thru Ottawa and need place to stay we would love to help out safe travels

    • Hi Dave! Thank you that’s very kind and much appreciated. We do actually already have a place to stay in Ottawa but it would be great to meet up while we’re there if it works for you? Many thanks again and all the best, Rach.

  14. Hi Rachel & Ed,

    First off, LOVE both your blogs and the videos, absolute class (even the penis jokes!). If you and your C90’s are passing through Orillia Ontario off HWY 11, my wife Carly and I ride and would love to offer you a warm place to stay and swap road stories. Glad you’re enjoying Canada despite the frigid temps this winter and look forward to following the rest of your trip.

    Ride safe!
    Ewan & Carly Winter

    • Hey Ewan and Carly! Great to hear you’ve been enjoying the blogs and videos, should be some more coming very soon! And thank you so much for the kind offer of a place to stay. We’re going to be staying a night with a couple in Huntsville then heading to Thornton to stay with a friend for a few days, I believe you’re somewhere in between! In which case I’m sure we can sort something out where we can meet up, even if we don’t stay. In fact thinking about it Ed is going to be doing a presentation near Thornton about one of his previous trips, so maybe you could join us for that? Either way we’ll arrange a meet up of some sort, sounds fun! All the best 😀

  15. Robert Brake

    Hi Rachel and Ed,
    I have been following Ed’s adventures for a while now and really enjoy reading/watching your adventures. I just noticed that you are coming to Newfoundland. I would love to meet up with you two when you are in Western Newfoundland, I have a 1976 CT90 so I will fit in. I can’t offer you a room in my apartment as there isn’t any extra space(second baby on the way),but I can offer you a good meal(or meals) while you are in the area.

  16. Jeff & Lynne

    Hey Rachel & Ed,

    Have just recently enjoyed your videos, thanks for taking the time to make them. My wife and I also ride and like long distances. Noticed from your spot y’all are back in the U.S. We live in Texas and would love to invite y’all to our house for some R&R for both you and your bikes. Hopefully that will fit your schedule. Please contact us via our email so we might coordinate the schedules. Anxious for the next video.

  17. rick

    You guys move slower than molasses in an Alaskan winter 🙂 If you come thru Southern California and need a place to wash up, do some maintenance, etc. , look me up. I don’t have many tools, but I do have garage space for those mini-bikes, and extra bedrooms and bath. Rick – Camarillo

  18. Chris

    Hey Rachel and Ed,

    I’m so glad I found your website again. I lost he url when I suffered a computer crash just after you got into the USA from your trek across Canada and only recently found it again. I’ve been catching up on your trip across the TAT and am so glad I get to follow your adventure again. You two have provided me days of entertainment and if you make your way through Portland Oregon I would love the chance to buy you lunch or dinner. I’m not sure if your path will bring you this way but the offer is on the table if you do.

  19. Doug Holck

    Spare room, shop, tools, trailer, willing to help when you’re in Nor Cal.
    Located 25 miles south of Sacramento so good location for day rides to coast or mountains.
    I store a bike in South America and headed back in Feb 2016 to ride to Ushuaia.
    Safe Travels

  20. Doug Brown

    What happened? No you tube video or posts. Location 3 weeks old and post 6 weeks old. Are you guys o.k. ? Quitting ?

    • Hi Doug! Sorry about the lack of updates. Travelling in such cold conditions made me want to hibernate and we both had very little time, enthusiasm, and motivation for posts etc! You’ll be pleased to hear that we didn’t quit, we finished the TAT at the end of November and are now having a well deserved break. I’m in Spain over the holidays and Ed is in England, and I will be back in England in January and will update the blog then. Going back to the states in March to continue South to Argentina!! 🙂

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