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Hello everyone! I’m really sorry, I completely forgot to tell you that late on Thursday 26th November, nearly 2 months after I injured my back, WE MADE IT TO PORT ORFORD, OREGON!! I’m currently having what I believe to be a well deserved break after so many freezing cold days riding, writing this on a balcony in sunny Spain 🙂 I’m out here with my family for Christmas and New Year, but when I return in the middle of January I can start posting all the blogs that I’ve written, and will also backdate lots of little posts to help tell the story of how we got there. I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and New Years, and hang in there for the full story and other news in January! Adios amigos, and thank you all for your support. Rach x

10 thoughts on “Latest update…

  1. john

    Merry Christmas to both you and Ed. Look forward to reading how the story continues. Bought myself a c90 for my 60th- let the adventures begin!!

  2. Well — have been waiting anxiously for word from you guys. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! So glad to read that you are doing better Rachel. What a journey you have made and quite the accomplishment! What a story to tell your grand children! Really do look forward to reading about the rest of your trip as I worried that you were somewhere in Nevada and still recovering from back problems, I salute you!!!

  3. Michael

    Awesome! So you guys are still on the adventure from Alaska to South America? Sorry – I’m very out of the loop and there haven’t been many updates concerning that trip 🙂

  4. I am following ur trek, u had too pick the coldest winter in Canada in the lawst 100yrs too cross,,,being from Quebec,,,THIS YR 2015 TOO 2016 is milder,,,Ihave a trick 4 u too start ur engens in – temps if ur lucky enouf too find a car ideling put ur engine on the hot exaust, for 10 min. this will loosen up ur oil , it is humet hot air , then start it up,,,this way u wont burn or blow out ur gaskets… camp fire is dry heat ,,,so happy trails & rember we r watching,,,XXX

  5. Graham Chappell

    Hi Rachel….glad to see you back on line again. I just saw a pic of your 3 wheeler…coo!! Was this one of Ed’s creations?
    Out of curiosity, , I don’t think I have ever read what your last name is. Do you care to share?
    BTW …both my wife and I are both retired and are planning part of the eastern TAT trail on our dirt bikes thanks in part by your influence. Cheers.

  6. Kenny Holmes

    Rachel, I love the motorbike adventure videos! I own a 2015 Indian Chieftain and a Harley Electra-glide (which I have had for over 31 years). I am considering a 2wd Ural Gear-up for adventures like you and Ed. Would greatly appreciate input or advice. The two of you are great fun to watch and thank you for sharing the videos. I pray that God will keep you both safe as you explore His awesome creation!! Kenny / NC,USA

  7. Zach

    Glad you got to spend Christmas in span with your family.

  8. Adam

    Have you two heard of Dirt Quake USA? It started in the UK and is now happening both there and here in Washington state! You are invited to Dirt Quake USA 2016, adults only, free admission, free drinks, celebrities, motorcycles. Half of Canada, Portland and California will be there! Castle Rock Washington, I-5, Exit 49. Happens every June!!

  9. Hey!
    You are alive? Or be eated by Grizley bear, and that was reason, why there almost 2 month no any update? 😉

  10. Matt

    I love the videos that you and Ed create. Thank you for bringing some smiles into my daily work life. 🙂
    Does the money requested from Ed go to your trip funds as well? I want to make sure that you two are both equally funded. Thanks again.
    Blessings on your trip and your adventures with and with out Ed. Hope to see you guys connect down the road.

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