TAT Day 40

Day 40
Monday 14th September

Navigating in the dark we didn’t realise that we hadn’t actually made it in to the national forest to camp, but no-one came round and bothered us.


IMG_7582 (Large)



While my bike and I had fared fairly well after my crashes, we soon discovered while packing that our saucepan hadn’t been so lucky. It was now the perfect shape for pouring though…


vlcsnap-2015-10-15-14h30m25s254 (Large) vlcsnap-2015-10-15-14h30m53s234 (Large)


It was overcast and grey and rain was forecast, so we decided to have a down day in Ouray.


IMG_7590 (Large)

IMG_7597 (Large)


After a few hours in a cafe and a spot of pillow shopping we went to the hot springs, which did my body the world of good. It was basically a swimming pool but it was lovely and hot, and was just like soaking in a big hot bath. I can safely say that I haven’t felt that clean and relaxed in ages, and felt like I was floating as I made my way back to my bike. If only there were hot springs at the end of every day! It started hammering it down as we left the pool but we managed to find a $50 room at the Historic Western Hotel, and after a few beers and some food we returned to our lovely historic room and flopped on the bed, only for Ed to pick up the scatter cushions and exclaim ‘What the f*ck is this? This isn’t Downton Abbey’. I don’t think he likes scatter cushions.


IMG_1317 (Large)

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