There are 6 episodes of our trip so far, all created, edited and produced by Ed.







4 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Brett Kington

    Absolutely awesome, guys. I was following you on Advrider but decided to check out the videos, and wound up here. You’re keeping me sane in my wind-up to exams.

    Wish I could donate more, and will when I’m working.

    Cheers, Brett.

  2. Becky

    Rachel and ed, what amazing videos you’ve made. It looks as though you’ve been having the journey of a lifetime! Now you’re off on your next leg and I can’t wait to see the next episode (now I’m all 21st century and have an iPhone).

    Rachel it was lovely seeing you today and I look forward to our drink in a year and a half! Ride safe – see you soon! Xx

  3. Ya’ll should do a video where she does the voice over. That could be neat!

    • Haha I think I sound too common to do the voice over! Haha I guess I could also use my ‘telephone’ voice 😉

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