Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…

…The Hondukis Yamakazufan 4000!!


IMG_8382 (Large) IMG_8387 (Large) IMG_8398 (Large) IMG_8403 (Large) IMG_8417 (Large)


Post to follow on ‘The making of the beast’, but it includes parts from a Honda, a Polaris, a Yamaha, a Kazuma and still has my Lifan engine. Hence the name. We think it’s rather catchy, when you can remember it 😀

And many thanks for all your kind comments, I really enjoy reading them and I’m going to do my best to reply when I can. But first we’re off out for a celebratory beer; the trike is finished and we’re back on the TAT tomorrow!! Yay!


IMG_8432 (Large) IMG_8435 (Large) IMG_8450 (Large) IMG_8460 (Large)

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