Apologies for the lack of updates!

Hello all! Big apologies about the complete lack of updates and blogs. I have excuses, of course! We’ve been busy making progress. The distances are long for us in between motel/gas stops and the days are short as far as light goes (sun sets around 4.30pm) so most days we’re having to ride the last stretch in the dark and it’s been bitterly cold. It’s been a case of ride all day, get to a motel, get warm and fed, chill out for an hour or so, sleep, then repeat. And because the riding has been cold and long we’re finding it hard to get up and going early, so that doesn’t help! But the good news is we’re in Oregon! We battled our way through Nevada; bike/trike issues, snow, slippery mud and the cold were the main challenges! I must admit I’m over the cold winter riding now, been there done that, ready for Mexico now! haha But thankfully the past two days it hasn’t dropped below freezing and as we continue to get nearer to the coast it will warm up even more. It’s looking like we’ll be at the end of the trail in Port Orford in about a week, where we will treat ourselves to fish and chips and a great big sigh of relief! Haha It’s been a mission and a challenge but we’re very nearly there, just under 400 miles to go!!! I’ve been keeping notes and taking lots of photos so once we’re finished I’ll crack on with the blog writing and get them all posted and everything up to date. Good things come to those who wait ya know 😉

2 thoughts on “Apologies for the lack of updates!

  1. kevin

    COLD When I met you on main street Oyen Alberta Canada in Feb./15 6 inches of snow it was Cold we have been keeping track of you since. Shine on and play safe. Kevin and Cindy

  2. Zach

    Glad to know you guys are still going.

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